Directions in the Storm

According to our current orientation, the clouds and stars rotate counter-clockwise around the center of the storm. Density increases closer to the center. We have labeled "up" and "down" relative to the center as "north" and "south" respectively. "Spinward" is the direction of counter-clockwise motion. "Trailing" is moving against the direction of spin. Movement toward and away from the center of the storm will be noted as "coreward" and "rimward", respectively.

Holding to Lia's boat analogy, Solomon dubbed the storm's forward portion "The Bow". This gives us additional directions, forward, aft, port and starboard. We're using the forward portion of the storm center as true zero for longitude and latitude.

Job, taking the boat analogy to its logical conclusion, lovingly refers to the storm center as "The Head". We'll see if that one holds.